In  2012

 the ring


  was born,

the tip of the 'iceberg ...

Born from the creative mind of Alexander Bonelli,
who patented a silver ring

bearing  an   orange enamel band and embossed with

the mantra
"   N  A  M     M  Y  O  H  O      R  E  N  G  E      K Y O    "
  in ancient Chinese
  (  I dedicate my life to the pursuit of happiness and freedom from fear  )

The Original NAM package

emphasizes his originality and his philosophy,

smell, taste, touch and sight

are simultaneously stimulated,

by the fragrant and naturally infused fruit  surrounding the ring and

by the undeniable charm of the piece of jewelry itself.


which means "to dedicate" was created for those who wish to

externalize their daily research, expressing a way of thinking

by wearing a unique designer article


Nothing is more precious

than a jewel that was created

out the heart  


                     Alessandro Bonelli
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